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Quilty Flashback Friday: My version of Crazy Mom Quilts’ Fair and Square quilt

I am linking up this week with Elizabeth Dackson’s Don’t Call Me Betsy blog. She is holding her first ever Quilty Flashback Friday by sharing one of her first quilts and asking other quilters to share some of their quilting history. I have been a long time reader of her blog and thought it would be fun to participate as well.

Elizabeth and a few of the other quilters were sharing quilts they made from 2010 and earlier. I am sharing my first quilts I made our grandsons in 2010. My actual first quilts were made in the early 90’s and quite a few of them I either did not get photos taken of them or have misplaced the photos over the years.

I made our grandson a John Deere quilt using Crazy Mom Quilt’s Fair and Square quilt tutorial. I had purchased two sets of fat quarters of 7 different John Deere prints. I had used some of the fabric to make a charity quilt that was auctioned off for a friend who had health issues at the time. Our grandson loves tractors so I thought I would have him a quilt for his bedroom.  The Fair and Square quilt tutorial had great instructions and made a fun quilt.



I decided to get extra creative and make the quilt more personalized by appliqueing his name Shaderek to the back of his quilt. I found a font that I liked and sized the letters to the size I wanted and printed them out. I used a light heat and bond to fuse the letters to my quilt backing. I used a satin stitch to machine applique the letters to finish off the edges. I have used this technique to add names to other quilts and all the recipients have loved them.


I had some extra fabric left over and decided to play with my circle cutting ruler and cut out circles of the various John Deere fabrics and make a smaller quilt that my grandson could take with him in the car so he could leave the other one at home on his bed.  I cut the circles in 4, 5 and 6 inch diameters. I fused and machine appliqued them in the same fashion as the other quilt and just applied them in a pleasing random row pattern.



I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Up Friday.

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8 Responses to Quilty Flashback Friday: My version of Crazy Mom Quilts’ Fair and Square quilt

  • They’re both so sweet and special- I love that you made a pair!

  • Great idea to make a smaller quilt that he could take with him! I don’t have any great photographs of quilts I made before 2010, either, really. So neat to go back and remember the hows and whys behind old projects. Does your grandson still use the quilts?

    • As far as I know he still does. His little brother is going to be 3 next month and he has had a new quilt for each birthday. I know the little guy sleeps with all of his quilts together. I am working on matching Scooby Doo themed quilts to be done for “hopefully” this birthday. They just got bunk beds this year.

  • Thanks so much for taking part in Quilty Flashback Friday! I think it’s so fun to see how much we’ve all grown over our years as quilters and to take a few moments to reflect on how far we’ve come. I adore the mini version of the quilt that you made with the circles, that’s adorable, and the idea of making a mini-take-along kind of quilt for a little boy is just a great idea.

    • Thank you. I have been making quilts for over 20 years and can see that I have really progressed in my quilt making in just the last five years. When I make quilts for the little ones, I hope that they will be well used and loved. Some of my first quilt gifts were stashed away as keepsakes. I have now come full circle and made those girls their graduation quilts and know that they will be truly used and loved.

  • I am loving your blog! Your quilts are so cute, I like the idea of matching larger and smaller quilts.

    • Thank you. I make my quilts to be used and loved. My main idea was to save some wear and tear on the bed size quilts. My youngest grandson sleeps in a pile of his quilts, but his “blankie” is a well worn brown fleece blankets with giraffes on it. There is a lot of grief to be had, if that blanket was forgotten or is in the wash. This Grandma will keep trying to get him to convert to a quilt.

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