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Dogs in Sweaters: Dad’s Shirts Memory Quilt Project

Hi, I am happy to share that I have completed another memory quilt top made from Dad’s plaid shirts. This makes 10 different quilt designs that I have made for memory quilts so far.  I used the Dogs in Sweaters by Elizabeth Hartman quilt pattern. It is a fun design. It does take a bit of time to make as each dog has 57 pieces and many of them are quite small. There was 150 little 1 inch squares needed for this quilt. I cut and labeled everything into individual ziplock sandwich bags.

I used 15 different shirts for my dog sweaters. The pattern is written that you can use 5 prints and cut 3 dog sweaters out of each color. I chose to add sunglasses to 2 dogs as my applique fabric was large enough to cut 2 from.

These are the initial parts all pieced for building our dogs.

More building of the dog bodies. I had initially laid out my dog sweater plaids in rows so I knew where I wanted the colors to end up. I wish I would have snapped a photo of it. I just did my best to always keep the largest sweater pieces in the same order. Always trying to remember that 9 dogs faced left and 6 dogs faced right.

Dogs 1 through 4. I shared this photo on my Instagram and thankfully, someone told me that dog 3 had his legs going in the wrong direction. I would have been very upset to have pieced the entire top and missed that.

Dogs 5 through 8. I chose red, navy and black as my sweater bands. I did my best to mix them up each row.

Dogs 9 and 10

Dog 11 and Dog 3 now with his legs going in the “right” direction or that is facing left.

Dogs 12 through 15

Dog 12 is made with my favorite of Dad’s shirts. I also used that plaid as the focus print in the Workshirt Mosaic quilt I made.

This is the Workshirt Mosaic quilt I made from Dad’s workshirts.

I decided to add glasses also to  dog number 4. 

Here is another look at the full top pieced together. I am still deciding how I can quilt it. I found a blue bandana paisley type print fabric with dogs in it that I think I will be using to piece the back. I am going to show it to my son first to make sure he approves of it.

I will be linking up this flimsy finish with Show Off SaturdayCan I get a Whoop Whoop Fridays? , Needle and Thread Thursday and TGIFF.

Happy Sewing,







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