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TGIFF and Birthday Weekend

Hi, This week is my turn to host TGIFF (Thank God It’s Finished Friday) linky party. It is also my birthday weekend, with my actual birthday being on Sunday. I hosted TGIFF last year on my birthday. I look forward to seeing what you all have accomplished lately quilting and sewing wise.


I have been off grid the last month  as my desktop computer (my lifeline) was struck by lightning. The motherboard was fried. We did have insurance and I was able to get a different computer. Unfortunately, I lost pretty much all my quilt patterns and photos. This has been a very big blow since we lost personal photos of Mom who passed 3 years ago and my Father inlaw who just passed away 6 months ago.

I didn’t have a true inventory of all of my quilt patterns that were stored on there. It has been stomach wretching to look at all the quilt photos on my Pinterest and  find yet another pattern I lost. I was able to retrieve quite a few that had been purchased off of Etsy and Craftsy. I use Gmail and thankfully it is web based so it can be accessed from anywhere, so old emails turned up download links that still worked so I could re-upload my purchased patterns. I lost half off all my May is for Maker’s pattern purchases. I hadn’t printed out very many patterns in recent years, choosing to work off the computer screen. A couple of my quilting designer friends have generously helped me replace my most recent pattern purchases from them. All retrieved and future patterns are being saved in three different (2 cloud/web based) ways and also soon printed out making  a hard copy. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has an option creating  a password and you can save your pdf files to the Cloud. Backup your files. This ends my public service announcement.

I am currently working on making a queen size quilt top from Diary of a Quilter Amy Smart’s latest pattern called Watchtower. I am making a scrappy patriotic version. Because my gold solid was a tad short of the required amount, I am resizing the queen which finishes around 86 by 104″ to be 86″ square or instead of making 20 blocks, I will have 16. I love big blocks. These finish at 19 inches.


I hope to have a completed flimsy to show you before Friday is over.(There were 192 HST).I apologize for being late in getting the linky party linkup up running and live. We have a family wedding on Saturday, which wasn’t in the works yet when I first signed up to host.

My last big quilt project before the lightning problem was making a quilt from the block I designed for the 2016 Cloud 9 Fabrics New Block BlogHop. My block was called Harvest Berry Baskets. I came up with many ways to layout the blocks and the one I decided on has now been renamed in quilt form as”Lightning Striked“. My quilting blogger friend Sandra from Musings of a Menopausal Melon suggested Lightning as a name.

(Well, Friday is now over and I didn’t get all my blocks pieced together to make my top. I have been up 2 nights in a row til 2 sewing and I am pretty tired now. I have to shorten a bridesmaid dress yet before bed, as the girls have an early morning appointment for hair and makeup. My plans for the upcoming week is to be able to come back here on Friday and show you my finished Watchtower flimsy and hopefully have the Lightning Striked top quilted and bound. )


It’s time to link up your Friday Finishes. Please visit  as many of your other linky party neighbors as you can and share your support. Everyone loves comments! Thank you for hanging out with me on my birthday. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

(Thanks to everyone for the early birthday wishes. Lots of great quilty projects to check out this week. I will be visiting everyone later this weekend and get comments posted on Monday. Family wedding and birthday plans the rest of weekend.)

Happy Sewing,


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13 Responses to TGIFF and Birthday Weekend

  • Lightning Striked is a very good name for your lovely quilt, I like it very much. And thank you for hosting the party.

  • Oh Shelley! We all hear these horror stories about losing family photos, but lightening? So glad you are replacing some of the patterns, but those photos, so sorry to hear it. Quilt is so aptly named, humor is the best medicine. Hope your birthday is HAPPY!

  • Oh no! So sorry to hear about your lost patterns and photos! I think Lightning Striked is a fantastc name for this quilt. Thanks for hosting this week!

  • Oh, sorry about your fried computer, particularly those irreplaceable family photos. Terrible shame about all your patterns and work as well, but particularly the photos. Happy birthday for Sunday, Have a lovely day x

  • Have a wonderful Birthday!

  • Love your Lightning Striked quilt! And Happiest of Birthdays!

  • The Lightning Striked quilt is a real beauty! Happy Birthday ♥

  • Happy birthday! I’m so sorry about the lost pictures. Thanks for hosting this week 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about the computer but thank goodness for kind friends helping you replace some of them.

  • Happy birthday. We share the same birthday, as mine is Sunday, also. Sorry about your computer problems.

  • I love the patriotic version of your Watchtower pattern, looking forward to seeing the final quilt top. Lightening definitely did strike that quilt top it is electrifying 🙂

    Happy Birthday tomorrow too!

  • Your PSA had me thinking about how important it is to have a back up of everything–pictures and files. Of course, I write this while thing, “I wonder if I have backed up every important picture!”

    I love the Watchtower block and can’t wait to see the finished product. Big ole patterns are always my favorite! And this one looks great. Lightening is just awesome! Isn’t it just fun playing with blocks to see that they can do?!

  • Well, Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your day and the wedding were very special for you. And thank you for the PSA. Now I just have to take it to heart. I’m terribly disorganized with my files and kind of clueless about the cloud. Funny how computers are supposed to make us go paperless but we only feel “safe” when we print things out. I’m really impressed with how you are recovering what you can, but I’m so sorry about your computer woes. I think the Lightning Striked name is perfect for that quilt. It really is striking!

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