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About Shelley

TGIFF: Mod Gears Harley Inspired Baby Quilt

Welcome to TGIFF! I am Shelley and I blog as The Carpenters Daughter who Quilts. I am excited to share with all of you my Friday finish this week. Today (Friday) is also my 50th birthday and my blog is also celebrating having over 100 postings. I am holding a giveaway contest to celebrate both events.

Let me first share my fun quilt that I made. It is Mod Gears by Elizabeth Dackson (Don’t Call Me Betsy). I made it in similar to Harley Davidson motorcycle colors. This is a quilt for our friend’s first grandson. Both Mom and Dad have their own Harleys. I decided to personalize the back with the little boy’s name, Eli John. He is named after a beloved cousin and his grandfather.


Mod Gears (Harley Inspired)

I decided to add the extra white border and rounded the corners with a dinner plate. I made bias binding in orange that is in the main quilt. I planned to hand sew down the binding but at the last moment and it was after midnight, I decided to sew it down by machine. It is sturdy and should hold up in the wash.


Mod Gears on the clothes line blowing in the wind

I really like how the quilting shows up on the backing. I really enjoy making pieced backs for all my quilts. Many could be reversible.


Appliqued Name block

I design my names or wordings that I applique on my quilts with a simple program called Print Artist. It is software that you can design your own printables like gift cards to business cards. I chose how long I need my words to be and how tall. There are hundreds of fonts to choose from. I print out my names in coloring book format. I cut out all my letters and trace them backwards on to Lite Steam A Seam 2 double layer fusible. I fuse my letters into position and usually stitch close to the edge of the letters in a straight stitch.


Mod Gears hanging out on the garden bench


Mod Gears

I am excited to present this quilt to my friends. I think they should love it ( or hope they do) as much I as I do.

In honor of my 50th birthday and passing the 100th blog post (actually happened in August when we did all the work on our house) I am giving away some of my favorite things. Batik fabrics and my favorite fusible product so that one of you can try your hand at some type of appliquing.

Bali Rum Raisin layercake

A lovely Bali Crackers layer cake in Rum Raisin.

Rum Raisin Bali Batik Crackers layer cake (2) These prints would look lovely in just about any design.


Two Sided Lite fusible web product

I discovered today that JoAnn’s now is selling this version of the Lite Steam A Seam 2 that I previously have been purchasing. There is 5 (9 x 12inch) sheets. You can create numerous projects.

***To enter this contest, please leave a comment telling me a favorite birthday memory or gift that you have received in the past. If you are a reader follower of my blog, you can have a second entry. Just tell me in a second comment how you follow. I will keep the contest open til Sunday the 18th Midnight (US Central Time zone). I will announce the winner by noon on Monday October 19th. If you think you maybe a non-reply blogger, please include your email so I can get ahold of you. Thanks!***

Contest Has Ended

It’s time to link up your Friday Finishes. Please visit  as many of your other linky party neighbors as you can and share your support. Everyone loves comments! Thank you for hanging out with me on my birthday. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Happy Sewing,





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36 Responses to TGIFF: Mod Gears Harley Inspired Baby Quilt

  • I love your quilt but I really really love the name on the back. It’s a nice touch.


  • A great non-frilly quilt for a baby boy or girl, or older.

    My favorite gift has to be two, one from each kid. A beautiful Pendalton blanket from one. The klaxon horn out of the other’s truck that got installed in my car. They thought out of the box.

  • Happy blog anniversary! My favourite birthday was getting chicken pox as a child, and getting to stay home and be doted over.

  • Love your Mod Gears quilt. My favorite birthday memory is my husband taking me to the sewing machine shop and buying me to machine of my choice.

  • Hi Shelley: I love the back of this quilt about as much as I love the front which is quite a lot. I wouldn’t have thought to put these colours together but they look amazing. Happy Birthday! It’s not a favourite birthday memory but I spent my last birthday which was in September away at work related meetings. Someone else at those meetings shared the same birthday as me (who would have thought) so all the participants shared in celebrating our joint birthdays at that evenings dinner.

  • I follow you on bloglovin, but I don’t seem to catch all the posts Not sure if its me or bloglovin. I’ll try and do better.

  • That’s a great baby quilt! I’m sure it will be well loved by the parents and by the little one. Happy Birthday, and congratulations on 100 posts (well, more than that by now, I’d say!). And thanks for the chance to win. When I was a kid we were often on vacation on my birthday and one year we were actually on our way home. We spent pretty much the entire day driving, but my dad joked that not every kid gets to visit three provinces on their birthday!

  • Happy 50th!
    A few years ago my Mother asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told her fabric will always work. She is not a sewer, and colorblind, so this was a tall order, but I told her to just select one yard of whatever she found appealing. She brought my sis and niece to her LQS, and they put together a pack of all sorts of various shapes, colors and sizes. Very fun to open, and I felt as if they all better understand my passion!
    Again, Happy Big 5-o, I am approaching it too!

  • Happy Birthday! Mod Gears is a great pattern. I love bold, graphic designs. It would be a lot of fun to make it scrappy and/or to add more colors in each block. Fun! I’m sure the parents will appreciate the homage to Harley Davidson. Thanks for hosting TGIFF. 🙂

  • Congratulations! Lots to celebrate!
    My favourite birthday gift was a sewing machine. After many years of not doing any sewing, my husband gave me a new machine…and I started quilting!! Never looked back LOL
    thanks for the giveaway.

  • Terrific quilt for baby Eli John – and one he can grow up with, not too babyish.
    I follow your blog via Bloglovin’.
    Happy B’day!

  • Beautiful batik bundle!
    Favorite b’day memory: on my 50th, my husband & I climbed the pyramid at Chichen Itza. That’s one tall pyramid, a lo-o-ong way down from the top, no guard rails!
    Have a great birthday!

  • Happy Bday! Beautiful double sided quilt! Thank you for hosting TGIFF too 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing on your special day! My favorite birthday memory was my 50th. My wonderful mother and husband brought my special aunts and uncles together at a winderful down home dinner meal. Nothing is better than laughter and good food and great company.

  • One of my favorite birthday memories is the surprise birthday party I had for my husband’s 50th birthday. He was totally surprised. So much fun! Would love the win this lovely batik layer cake. The colors are scrumptious!
    ckrutjo at g mail dot com.

  • I follow you on e-mail. Love this baby quilt. Will have remember this if I ever need to do one.

    ckrutjo at g mail dot com

  • The quilt is beautiful! Thank you for hosting this week. A very happy birthday to you. Have a fabulous birthday weekend!


  • Hi! I follow via BlogLovin’.

  • My favorite birthday memory was my 40th when my parents, my two sisters and brother all surprised me at my favorite local restaurant. They had all come a long way for my special day – the least amount was 240 miles, and one sister came all the way from Phoenix. I had no idea they were coming! Of course they stayed the weekend as well!

  • I received a fat quarter group of fabrics from Jenny Beyer as a gift.

  • The quilt looks amazing. I have lots of great birthday memories. Mine is in the Spring so I often choose a quilt show to go to, and get to buy fabric. Happy Birthday to you!

  • Wow, love your 2-sided quilt–it will be treasured greatly, I’m sure. My favorite b’day memory was when I was about 10–I loved horses and my dad bought me one for my birthday. I don’t think he knew at the time that it was pregnant, so a few months later we had a mare & her foal! Two for one–yay!

  • Happy Birthday!!! I love your quilt. The colours are awesome. My most recent favourite birthday gift was a gift certificate to my LQS. Yeah for fabric!

  • First things first. Your Harley quilt turned out so neat! I’m sure baby and parents will love it. Thanks for sharing how you did the name. Also, Happy Birthday and Happy 100th post!! One of my favorite birthday gifts in recent years was my treadle sewing machine two years ago. It was a gift from my husband. We found it on Craigslist and he helped me (or rather, I helped him) lift it into the car and eventually upstairs to the guest room–from which it will likely never be moved. Whew! (He’s become sort of fascinated with it and is my top quilt advisor.

  • I followed you by email, but I have finally started using Bloglovin’, so now I get a double dose of your posts. : )

  • Happy Birthday! I love your fun quilt. My favourite birthday memory is when I was a teenager and we were vacationing in Corpus Christie on my birthday. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Happy Birthday to you! It’s actually my birthday next week – and I’m looking forward to several nice get-togethers.

    My favourite birthday memory was when I didn’t have a birthday at all! We had just finished a wonderful holiday in England and flying home, but because of crossing over the date line, I didn’t get to experience my actual birth date at all!

  • My Mom gave me a beautiful pair of antique ear rings that I wear on special events, or when I want to feel her presence. I always feel special and thankful when I wear them.

  • It is my birthday today- a significant one and a higher number than yours. We spent last night at The Rugby World Cup Quarter Final- New Zealand against France at Cardiff Wales. A great memory to look back on for future birthdays. By the way- we won convincingly (NZ )

  • I follow your blog by email.

  • I love your Harley-inspired quilt. One of my favorite gifts was just yesterday when my four adult daughters took me out for appetizers/drinks. I had a great time visiting with them, and realizing how wonderful young women they have become. I miss when they were younger and in the house so I treasure every minute I have with them now.

  • I follow you by having you saved as one of my favorites, and about once a week I enjoy sitting down and catching up with the bloggers I follow. Not sure that’s how you were wanting to hear, but it works for me.

  • I love, love, love the back of your quilt with the lettering. What a terrific way to personalize a quilt. I’m going to remember this one for sure!

  • Belated congrats on your 50th and blog anniversary. I just turned 50 last Spring…I lOVE IT!!

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