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Swoon Blocks Completed

Hi, I am happy to share that I have completed all my quilt blocks for the Swoon Quiltalong. I have been making the original 24 inch blocks and have my nine completed.

Here is block 4

Here is Block 5

I pieced the first 5 blocks one at a time and for  the last 4 I decided to try to chain piece them all at once. It really wasn’t too hard and made light of the work except when I had to square up 80 HST at once. There really wasn’t much more than trimming off the dog ears on most of the HST so even that wasn’t too bad.

Here is Block 6

Block 6 ended up being my least favorite as the two prints blend too much together but it will work in the mix. There are three different green combinations and I will either place them diagonal or vertical in the quilt line up.

Here is Block 7

Here is Block 8

Here is Block 9

I do have 6 fat quarters of the Hope Valley fabrics left and they are an odd color combination that I wouldn’t know how else to use them so I will be making 3 more Swoon blocks for the backing of the quilt. I do have another full set of Fat Eighths in  same color prints that I can use in a different quilt design.

I plan to work these blocks in while chain piecing my Uptown “memory” quilt blocks together. I ended up cutting too many of my plaids for making the blocks so by trimming off a 1/2 inch I can make up HSTs for a pillow design I have been working on.

Here are the Swoon blocks laid out on our bed. Early morning sunlight casts a shadow across the blocks so some are hard to see.

I decided to put my blocks into a Pixlr collage in the same layout I did on the bed so you could see the colors all together.

There are three color combinations and three different print combinations. The block No 6 which is in the 9th position could be moved to 5th position?? I kind of like all the striped centers in a row though?? Decisions, decisions.

I am thinking I want  to try Quilt As You Go with these blocks. I purchased a cotton batt that I can cut down into 9  30 inch squares. I need to figure out how to handle the sashings first. Maybe piece this into 3 rows and quilt the rows???

Have any of you done QAYG? Any Suggestions???

Hope everyone has a good weekend. We do not have plans to watch the Super Bowl game tomorrow. We don’t really follow football. I do hope to get a bit of sewing in this weekend. My sewing time comes in spurts the past two weeks while working on training  our puppy Gracie. She really keeps me on my toes. She now is coming upstairs at night and sleeping in the closet with Lyric. Gracie can climb the stairs but going down is too scary so let’s us know by barking and whimpering.

I will be linking up this post with Crazy Quilt Mom’s FIF and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? linky parties. Links at top of page.

Happy Sewing,


Swoon Quilt Along and Other WIP

(Updated as of 6:45 PM 1/21/17)

Hi, I decided to start off 2017 big by participating in the 2017 Swoon Quilt Along that is currently running on Instagram. There are actually two Swoon quilt alongs, one by Camille Roskelly of Thimbleblossoms and Melinda who is known as Mel_is_a_swapaholic on IG. You can follow them and see all the lovely photos by searching for #swoonalong and #swoonqal2017. I think Camille’s has been running since beginning of the year and Melinda’s is running from January 8 to April 9th.

I have decided to make my Swoon using the original pattern making 9 of the 24 inch blocks. I am using my Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley prints that have been in my stash since March 2010. I am using white as the background, this photo shows ecru.

Here is one combination of prints that I am using for my blocks. (this is what block 3 is made from.)

Another block combination. (this is what block 1 is made from.)

The last block combinations (this is what block 2 is made from.)

This is my first Swoon block created. I was not sure about the orange print. I really didn’t care for it much. I was contacted by Camille of Thimbleblossoms on IG and she said she wouldn’t change a thing with my block print combination choices, so that gives me a more faith in the final outcome of the quilt.

This is my second Swoon block. I really like it. 

This is my third Swoon block. I cut all my pieces with the green stripes going vertical as the fabric comes off bolt. As I was laying them out to piece the HST, I decided to turn them horizontal as it appeared then they would be up and down as I thought they should be. Well, that works on half of them and half of the flying geese sides. I was told it looked neat that way, even if it wasn’t intentional. I guess I will have to remember what I did so the other two color ways of these print combinations turns out the same way.

I have taken time off the end of this week to try and get back sewing on my memory quilt project. I have one in the process of cutting out the fabric. Another I have it planned out (another of the workshirt mosaic design but reversed where all plaids and one denim). I also have a rather different idea for a quilt for my son but the pattern is not released until late February. I need to be caught up with the others before then. My deadline is by March 19th.

I have chosen to use Uptown by Cluck Cluck Sew as another pattern for one of my memory quilts. I am making the twin size quilt and it takes 39 blocks. I am making 13 of them with denims as the outer rings and plaid shirts as the middle rings. The other 26 blocks includes 6 half blocks, and all of these will have a plaid outer ring and denim inner ring.

I am still in the process of cutting more plaid and denim rectangles.

Here is a layout of the two different style blocks.

This is Dogs in Sweaters, a new pattern from Elizabeth Hartman that is to be released for sale in February. I think  it would make an awesome quilt for my son and his fiancee. They have a little dog who loves wearing sweaters. I am thinking it would be possible to make each dog sweater from a short sleeve’s worth of material. Not sure as I haven’t seen the pattern but I am setting aside sleeves just for that purpose.

Speaking of Dogs, we have a new family member as of December 30th. Meet Gracie, our new Black Lab/Australian Cattle Dog puppy.

Don’t let Gracie fool you! She looks so cute and sweet at times….But oh boy, can the Heeler part flare up and she is a real pistol. She gives poor Lyric a run for her money. She can be quite mean to Lyric, biting and wrestling with her and on her. But then you will find them curled up together and sleeping. We were thinking getting the puppy was helping Lyric come out of her shell,  as she started playing with Gracie. Lyric still will not let my husband touch her other than taking food from his hand. We can tell that Lyric was likely a pretty good Mama when she had her batches of puppies. She is pretty tolerant to all the chewing and climbing on her. Last night, Lyric took over Gracie’s woodchip lined dog bed (which had been Abbey Rose’s) and also started chewing on her toys. The girls started playing tug of war.

This is what I come home to tonight after being gone for 5 hours shopping/errands.

Oh, no who ate Daddy’s slippers??? These were deer skin slippers lined with wool batting and Woolrich wool blankets. My husband wasn’t wearing them anymore as the rubber on bottom was cracked and had a hole started. I am thinking that Lyric had to be the big party to this mass of destruction. No way that Gracie could have done all that damage. This worrys me as my daughter owns numerous pairs of expensive cowboy boots. Lyric has never shown an interest in chewing on anything. The Heeler puppy has ruined her in a matter of days. LOL

I will leave you with this. Ihope to get sewing up some of the Uptown blocks tomorrow and layout more of the Swoon blocks so I can make up some of the HSTs ahead of time.

Thanks for reading my blog posts.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Sewing,



Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Hi, Since we are well over half way through the first month of 2017,  I thought I better get a 2016 in review post written. I am very happy to be starting fresh with a New Year. Last year had so many ups and downs and I started more projects than I finished.

I thought I would share my top five posts for 2016 as a review.

This is the Fat Quarter Jelly Roll Slice Shortcut Quilt. The flimsy was completed in time for the bloghop but I wasn’t finished quilting it. I needed to learn that bigger isn’t always better. Most of the quilters on the bloghop made smaller versions.  I actually ripped out all the quilting that I had completed and now plan to requilt it.

This is Get A Clue Nancy Drew Mod Disappearing 9 Patch. I made this quilt for my son’s fiancee. Her Mom and my Mom shared the Nancy Drew Mysteries with us as kids. This is one of two quilts that was finished last year.


This is Harvest Berry Baskets: 2016 Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop and Tutorial. I had the most fun on this one out of the three block bloghops that I have participated in . I really liked how this one turned out.


This is TGIFF: Go West Flimsy. This is one of my favorite WIP from last year. I doubled the Go West quilt pattern and made it King sized. I hosted Thank God It’s Finally Finished linky party and shared the before photo. The after photo is connected to this blog post.

This is the 2016 Paintbrush Studios New Block Blog Hop: Irish Rose Chain Block Tutorial and here as well. This quilt block is included in the 2017 Quilter’s Planner  and is showcased the week starting February 12th.  There is a quiltalong this year making each of the 52 blocks. It will be interesting to see what others come up with this block.

There were many ups and downs last year. It was a year of great losses. We lost our beloved Father inlaw in March to a sudden illness. We lost our close family friend to a 7 month long battle with cancer in August. I made him and his wife a quilt for their 60th wedding anniversary in May. In October, my computer was struck by lightning and I lost all my photos,files and most of my quilt patterns. In December, we lost our beloved 11 year Black Lab, Abbey Rose who was my faithful companion.

In 2017, this is where I can be found. I greatly appreciate the friendship and support of all my blog followers. My blog followers have increased largely in the last 3 months due to my memory quilt projects and now that I am participating in the Swoon quilt along on Instagram. I will be writing a separate blog post for my new projects of 2017. I hope that 2017 will be more organized than 2016 and that I can get back to writing more regular blog posts. I hope to be finishing more quilts instead of just making more tops that need quilting. I plan to get flimsies from the last two years quilted this year and sell some of them. I did sell the Zen Gardens Bento Box quilt this month. I have been sharing photos from my Instagram on my blog’s Facebook page in lieu of full blog posts. I apologize to all blog commenters who have received much delayed replies back. I do strive to get back to you all with more timely replies this year. Thanks to you that have been understanding and haven’t given up on me and still read my blog posts.

I hope you all have a great weekend and check out my next blog posts for my current projects.

Happy Sewing,



Granny Square: Quilter’s Planner Block Tutorial

In the 2017 Quilter’s Planner, you will find tutorials for traditional quilt blocks in addition to the weekly quilt blocks that were designed for the 2016 Paintbrush Studios New Block Blog Hop. I am sharing today, the tutorial that I designed for the traditional block Granny Square. It finishes at 12 inches. This block was created from fabrics that were leftover from what I received to create my block for the New Block BlogHop. The Granny Square is featured the week of August 20th.

Here is my completed Granny Square block.

Fabric Requirements:

Center Block (magenta)

Cut (1) 3.25 inch square

Color 2 Second Ring (lilac)

Cut (4) 3.25 inch squares

Color 3 Outer Ring (midnight)

Cut (8) 3.25 inch squares

Background fabric (white)

Cut (2) 2 7/8inch squares, cut diagonal once to create 4 triangles, used at the four corners

Cut (2) 6.25 inch squares, cut diagonal twice to create 8 triangles, used in rows

Piecing the block:

We start with the center row just sewing the five squares together. Press seams of magenta square inward and the rest outwards. Piece the next rows out by seaming the three squares together and sewing one of the triangles created from the 6.25 cut square. Have the bottom of the triangle flush with the bottom of your square when piecing together. Next you will piece the outer rows by attaching two of the larger triangles to a single midnight square.

You join the rows together building out from the center row. I pinned at each block seam and the seams nested together nicely. This is the block together before adding the outside corner triangles created from the 2 7/8 inch squares cut in half. I just carefully centered them over the squares and attached with one pin.

Here is my Granny Square completed and ready for last trimming. I have a 12 1/2 square ruler and it was very easy to trim square by lining up with the corner triangles and trimming excess off leaving a  1/4 inch seam.

This Granny Square and my Churn Dash block tutorials are a part of the 2017 Quilter’s Planner.  In the Quilter’s Planner, you recieve all the 2016 Paintbrush Studios New Block Blog Hop block tutorials, 15 traditional quilt block tutorials and 14 designer quilt patterns.

Be sure to go to the Quilter’s Planner website to check it out.

Churn Dash: Quilter’s Planner Block Tutorial

In the 2017 Quilter’s Planner, you will find tutorials for traditional quilt blocks in addition to the weekly quilt blocks that were designed for the 2016 Paintbrush Studios New Block Blog Hop. I am sharing today, the tutorial that I designed for the traditional Churn Dash block. This block finishes at 12 inches. You will find the Churn Dash block presented for the week of July 16th.

Here is my Churn Dash block. I created it from leftover fabrics from the Paintbrush Studios New Block Blog Hop.

Fabric Cutting Requirements:

From the focus color (Midnight) navy blue:

Cut (2) 5 inch squares and (4) 2.5 by 4.5 inch rectangles

From the background color White:

Cut (2) 5 inch squares,  (1) 4.5 inch square and (4) 2.5 by 4.5 inch rectangles

How to create this block:

We will be creating half square triangles and two patches.

To create the Half Square Triangles, layer the white and navy 5 inch squares, mark a diagonal line across the white square and you will be sewing a scant 1/4 inch on both sides of the line. Cut the squares in half on the drawn line. Press your HST open and square up the block to 4.5 inches using your favorite method. I used my Bloc-Loc ruler. You will have 4 HSTs.

To create the two patches, layer the white and navy 2.5 by 4.5  inch rectangles. Sew a scant 1/4 inch seam down the 4.5 inch side. Press seams open.

How to lay out the block:

The Churn Dash is basically a nine patch block and goes together quite easily.

You sew the three blocks in each of the rows together.

I pressed the seams in the middle row towards the center block and the other two rows with the seams towards the outside block. The seams nested together quite nicely.

An Alternative speed piecing technique to the Churn Dash Block:

Background Fabric

Cut ( 1) 4.5 inch square, (1) 7 inch square and (1) 2.5 by 22 inch strip

Focus Fabric

Cut (1) 7 inch square and (1) 2.5 by 22 inch strip

You will use the white and navy 7 inch squares to produce 4 HSTs at once. Layer the two squares and sew a scant 1/4 inch around all four sides of the block. Press the square and cut diagonally across the block in both directions creating four triangles. Press the HSTs open and square up to 4.5 inches.

To create the two patches, you will use the 2.5 by 22 inch strips joining them together with a scant  1/4 inch seam. You will cut the completed strip set into (4) 4.5 inch segments. Press blocks open.

You will finish piecing the block in the same fashion.

I am also sharing a tutorial for the traditional Granny Square quilt block in a separate blog post.

You can find all the great new quilt blocks created for the 2016 Paintbrush Studios New Block Blog Hop in the 2017 Quilter’s Planner. Fifteen traditional quilt block designs are included this year along with 14 designer quilt patterns. My block tutorial Irish Rose Chain is included as well.

Be sure to go to the Quilter’s Planner website to check it out.


Work Shirts Mosaic Flimsy: Dad’s Shirts

Hi,  I am happy to share the completed Work Shirts Mosaic flimsy that was inspired by a charm square quilt designed by Emily Dennis. I made this one from 4-5 different shades of denim/chambray work shirts and one blue plaid shirt that I know I purchased for my Father inlaw for his birthday one year.

This one was the easiest of the three quilt tops to complete this week as it was just sewing the squares in order. Of course, I caught myself before a big oops, when I picked up a row wrong and wanted to sew the next one to the wrong side. Clarence tried to help mix up the laid out squares at times too.


I really love how this turned out. How something simple can have such WoW. And I only had to cut like 3 more charm squares in one shade of denim to be able to finish my graphed out design. I think it finishes at approximately 76 inches square.


This shot shows the difference in the shades of denim and chambrays.


Clarence, our 3 legged rescue cat of course had to  sit on this quilt top as well. He wasn’t happy to shooed away to smooth out the quilt for photos. He has not been a happy camper this week, since we wouldn’t let him outside in the cold or snow.

I plan to quilt this with some all over straightline quilting. I am still deciding on backing options. I have a fairly simple blue and white plaid that could go into a pieced backing.


This is where this top got it’s beginnings.

You can read more about how this quilt came about here, if you missed last week’s post.

Please check out the My Guy and Plus Squared flimsy finishes if you missed their posts.

Thank you to all of you that are following my blog. I appreciate all the support and well wishes. Welcome to all the new readers this month! Hope you will look around.

I will be linking up this flimsy finish with Finish It Friday and Oh Scrap linky parties.

Happy Sewing,


My Guy Flimsy : Dad’s Shirts

Hi,  I am  happy to share my completed My Guy quilt top made from my Father inlaw’s shirts. It is made from the My Guy quilt pattern by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. It was originally published in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine in the June 2009 issue.


I do like how this looks finished. I decided to add the navy blue solid side borders to add to the width of quilt top. This makes the top finish at 60 by 85 inches.


Well, these photos looked different when taking them, but not much difference when edited. LoL

I plan to keep quilting simple. Straight line rows, maybe rows of serpentine stitching?? I do think  I will use the railroad print for the backing. The yardage I have should cover most of the back of the quilt. It needs to be used, and the all over design would be lost cut up into blocks.


This was how this project was started. I am glad it went together so easily.

You can read more about the piecing of this top, if you missed last week’s post.

I will be linking up this blog post with Crazy Mom Quilts and Oh Scrap Sunday. Links are at top of the page.

Stay warm this weekend! It is a cold one out here!

Happy Sewing,



Plus Squared Flimsy: Dad’s Shirts

Hi,  I am happy to share my completed Plus Squared quilt top. It is a memory quilt made from 21 different plaid and striped shirts with one denim work shirt as an accent. These all belonged to my Father inlaw who passed away suddenly in March of this year.

The Plus Squared quilt pattern is by Emily Dennis and was first published in the Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine but you are able to purchase it now from her website.


I really do like how it all come together in the end. But getting here was a bit of a chore for me. The between blocks sashings were no problem to attach. The long row sashings were a bugger. I am not sure what was happening. I have had this trouble on a couple other quilt tops. It all depends on whether you sew with the sashing on top or bottom. I needed to always have the  strip on top and let the feed dogs help ease the blocks in. The last few were much easier.


Clarence,the three legged rescue cat had to help take photos this morning. All of today’s quilts were Clarence approved.


Even Clarence’s tail had to photo bomb a quilt shot.

I feel very accomplished to have finished all three of my memory quilt top projects this week. I plan to not make the quilting too complicated for myself so I can get them completed more quickly than my more recent tops.

Please check out the other individual blog posts for the other memory quilts. Many thanks to all the commenters last week with the lovely messages about all my memory quilts and offering their condolences on me losing my dog, Abbey Rose. They were so greatly appreciated and will be finishing up my replies this weekend.

Welcome to all the new followers to my blog. I greatly appreciate your support.

Last week’s snow storm wasn’t as bad as it was predicted. We had bitterly cold weather this week and now it is snowing, blowing and going to be even more bitterly cold Sunday. Yuck. Stay safe out there if you are experiencing similar weather.

I will be linking up these blog posts with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Friday, Oh Scrap Sunday and possibly some other linky parties. You can find the links at top of the page.

Happy Sewing,


Dad’s Shirts: Memory Quilts in works

Hi, I would like to share my current works in progress.  I am working on creating as many as possible memory quilts from my Father inlaw’s plaid western shirts and some of his chambray/denim work shirts. I have managed to gather 21 different plaids/striped shirts and 7 chambray/light denim shirts. I do hope to get more in the future, as I think there is a whole closet of summer shirts to go through yet.


At first, I thought it would be quite a bit of work to disassemble the shirts into working material. I saw a couple tutorials on Pinterest. I laid each shirt out on the cutting mat, and with my rotary cutter cut along the shoulder seams freehand taking off the sleeves. I rotary cut off the entire collar next and separated the collar away from the band as well. I opened up the shoulder seams next and if there was yokes on that particular western shirt, I cut them away from the fronts and back of the shirts. I cut open the side seams and made piles of the shirt fronts and backs. If the shirts had long sleeves, then I cut off the cuffs. All sleeves were opened flat by cutting off the seam. I cut away the plackets  that had snaps and if shirts had buttons, they were saved in a ziplock bag. So far there was very little tossed away, just serged seams.. If there was double layed yokes, they can be used for a small square of fabric or in some string pieced or paper pieced project. Some night I will take a seam ripper to the shirt cuffs, to make salvageable pieces as many didn’t have the interfacing totally fused to the cuffs, or maybe only one side of cuff.

My first quilt design that I am working on from all these fabrics is called My Guy. It is a pattern by Weeks Ringle and was published in the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine June 2009 issue. I missed that issue, but after discovering this pattern found a used copy of the magazine on Ebay. I have had this quilt design pinned on my Pinterest boards for years.


I found a chambray colored solid cotton at JoAnn’s. I had a gift card from my birthday and purchased 10 yards  navy, 5 of the chambray and 5 yards of a steel gray. I first intended them to be backings for up to 4 quilts. I decided I needed the chambray for this quilt. I am left with close to a yard that will be an accent color in another quilt project.


This is a mockup of the first My Guy blocks. I used a shirt front around the pockets to get material for these blocks. I had to go back and cut 6 rectangles as I was short on two completed blocks to make the entire quilt as the pattern called for.


This shows the start of the rows needed to complete the My Guy quilt. I needed to finish 3/4 of the block piecing yet.


This is the quilt top waiting to have all the blocks assembled into their rows. There is a 5 inch all around border in the chambray to be added yet. The quilt top finishes at 54 by 85.  I wonder about adding a possible navy solid border to add extra width, but I really do not want to add to the length.


Here is the quilt layed out cross wise so one can see it all. Ireally like how it is all coming together. I have an allover railroad scenery themed print fabric that has alot of chambray blue colored sky background. It will work for both Dad’s and my husband’s likes.

My second quilt project that I am working on this month with these fabrics is a charm square mosaic design for lack of a better name. I took inspiration from a charm square quilt that Emily Dennis showed on her blog, that she created from white and navy charm packs. I sketched out her design on graph paper and decided to fill out some of the design to make a slightly larger quilt top. I am known for bigger is better, but I am trying to keep all these quilts with in the finished quilt batting size 81 by 96 as I can get poly batts for $5.97 (budgeting and it is winter so I do not travel too far, works with what I can get my hands on.) I plan on our quilts being used and washed alot.


I ended up with 4 different shadings of chambray or denim to cut squares from. My Mother inlaw thought I was off my rocker when I asked about Dad’s workshirts. But they are all plain??? Yes, can use as accent or sashing etc. That was before I read this blog article on Emily Dennis website. I had various different ideas saved to Pinterest and didn’t realize how easy it would be to work out the designs.


This was a quick mockup of the charm square mosaic on my work desk. Definitely calls for larger working space. I am adding one of my favorite of the plaid shirts as an accent. I remembered purchasing this one for his birthday one year.


This what the full width of the quilt design will look like pieced together. I need to cut more of the chambray shirts into squares. I decided to move the blue plaid design down to the center of the quilt.


Here is the top in squares taken at an angle so one can see more of the design elements. This photo was taken just before Clarence, our three legged cat woke up and decided to sit in the middle of my squares. He walked off with a couple charms stuck to his side from static cling. I crawled around the floor and picked up and numbered the first 10 full rows and then the next 5 partial rows. 

My third quilt project is Plus Squared by Emily Dennis. A pattern first published in Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine issue 32 which was out in March 2016. She has since released the pattern in paper and pdf from her website as well. I have an online copy of the magazine through the Zinio app I read on my phone and tablet.

I actually have the most completed so far on this quilt project. All blocks pieced and just  need to add sashing between blocks and the rows. Adding that will take the most of my patience lining up the blocks to the rows with alot of pinning. I used all the 21 plaid prints with 4 different ones in each block with one shade of  chambray workshirt as the center square.


This is Emily Dennis’ finished Plus Squared quilt from the Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine.


This is a mockup of four of my blocks and what they will look like with the sashing added.


These are all my completed Plus Squared blocks. I started out pressing all the seams open on the white and gray strips. I was planning to press all seams open on the entire block but I started having trouble getting the center row to match  up with the first row, if I pinned or didn’t pin. I found out that centers matched up almost everytime if I pressed the seams to either side and nested them together no problem. The plaids are very soft and stretchy since they have been washed multiple times. I eliminated  shirts that were too thin and well worn. That was why I ended up with less chambray shirts as well.


Here is one more shot of the Plus Squared layed out crosswise. I really like how this is coming together as well. My Mother inlaw thought it was quite pretty.


Abbey Rose

(August 2005 to December 3, 2016)

The last couple weeks including  Thanksgving were quite rough for my family. My 11 year old Black Lab/German Shepherd cross dog Abbey Rose was in poor health. We thought her arthritis was getting worse when she fell down the upstairs around Halloween. She started to be able to maneuver stairs and getting in and out of the house less and less. She had lost alot of weight. The night before Thanksgiving, she wasn’t eating and drinking like she should. Last week, she really went down hill fast,  and hadn’t eaten much for 3 days and couldn’t go out on her own with out being carried. We hated to have to make the decision but she was put to sleep Saturday morning. I had really hoped to never have to experience that again, after losing my husband’s 14 year old Aussie last year. Life has not been fair to lose 2 dogs and 1 cat to old age in 18 months and a puppy in that time to a car accident as well. Abbey was my 40th birthday present and was my best friend. We went through alot together in our 11 years together.Lyric, our rescue Aussie is not sure what to do. We know she misses Abbey. She followed Abbey around all the time. Lyric will still not allow my husband to touch her other than eat food out of his hand. This past week, she has taken to sitting very close to him while he eats, but don’t touch me. We look forward to adding an Aussie or Black Lab puppy to the family in the new year.

It is snowing here today in Iowa and supposed to get bitterly cold the beginning of the week. My plans are to keep sewing and do some Christmas shopping online. I spotted 2 additional quilt patterns today that would work with these fabrics. I plan to get a few tops made and then family can help decide which one goes to whom. I did finally get all the quilting stitches removed safely from my Jelly Roll Slice quilt top and I hope to finally get it back on the machine to quilt it. I have plans to list a couple finished quilts for sale before Christmas. I need to help pay off some medical bills and such.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am told that an update to my blog should take care of the problems of why many were no longer receiving word of new blog posts. I will be linking up with various end of the week linky parties. The links can be found at the top of the blog.

Happy Sewing,


Watchtower Quilt Flimsy Complete (Patriotic Version)

Hi, I am happy to share that I had a Friday finish this week. I had to wait til this morning to get photos of it. I have completed a squared off queen size (88 inches square) Watchtower quilt. The pattern design is by Amy Smart, Diary of a Quilter.

It went together nicely. The half square triangles are created 8 at a time. I do not use jellyroll strips too often and sought out a variety of patriotic prints that I purchased off of Ebay from Material Maven. I purchased the white on white star print from JoAnn’s. The denim blue Stonehenge and Patrick Lose brick red plaid came from a local quilt shop. The gold solid was from my stash and I think came from Walmart. The fireworks patriotic print was from my stash and came from JoAnn’s.

I was delayed a couple weeks in finishing this top because I hurt my shoulder. I am not quite sure what I did. I am right handed and guess it took a bit of abuse from all the finger pressing seams open, rotary cutting and trimming up HSTs. The final straw was then trying to keep all the seams open while hitting them with the iron. I was able to meet and keep pretty much all points, only struggle was was adding in the center strip to the blocks. I would try to sew with out pins, with pins, flip over the other direction to allow feed dogs to ease in any extra fabric. Some times it would turn out great, others off a thread or so. Ugh. It will quilt out and/or crinkle up with wash and dry.

At 88 inches square, this top takes up most of my main living room. I knew that it would be hard to photograph this top from being placed on our bed.

This is a closeup of the borders. I wanted to keep the fireworks design looking like they were raining down. I had to think about how to cut the fabric. I ended up cutting the top and bottom border strips across the width of yardage. For the long sides,I then opened up the remaining yardage and cut my strips from the length.

When I went to try and photograph the quilt from our bedroom, I found Clarence, our 3 legged rescue cat on our bed. I removed him and no sooner had I placed the quilt top on the bed, he was on top of the quilt and grooming himself.

You Made This for Me, Right??
It was Halloween this week, so of course the dog needs to try out a costume. Here is Lyric, doing her best impression of a cheetah.

How Do I Look??
Lyric decided to have fun on Halloween and unknown to me, brought something very nasty into the house after being let out first thing in the morning in the dark by my husband. We did not find out til after he came home from work at 6 that night, that 12 hours before she had brought half of a dead bunny with a leg upstairs and preceeded to bury it in the clothes closet in our bedroom under a pile of clothes and blankets that she has built a nest. I do not have much of sense of smell. Thank you for passing that on, Mom! The week before, she brought a fresh killed squirrel into the house, but my husband beat her to the upstairs door and slammed the door scaring her so she dropped it. New rule in this house, the lights must be on when Lyric goes in and out.

I have not had a chance to start quilting on my Lightning Striked quilt. My shoulder is feeling better and I didn’t want to hurt it more. Lightning Striked is at the top of the list to be quilted. I still have Jelly Roll Slice still pin basted and plan on working on finishing quilting that this week as I need to make room to work and free up the pins.

Thanksgiving is coming quick just a little over 2 weeks and we are having dinner for our family this year. My husband plans to smoke the turkey. This is our first Thanksgiving with out Dad, and the start of us making new family memories. I have Alot of house cleaning and rearranging to do by then. I do not plan to start any new quilts before the holiday, but do hope to get a few quilted as I have a good dozen tops needing quilted.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be linking my Friday finish with Crazy Mom Quilts and Show Off Saturday and  Finished Or Not Fridays

Happy Sewing,



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